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Business Tax & Accounting

When most entrepreneurs start a small business, they have taken the time to think out their marketing, operation and resource strategies.

But, many fail to articulate a tax and accounting strategy. And, without an effective plan in place, a business enterprise — whether it's a sole proprietorship, small business or even a large corporation — may be doomed.

Stafford Paulsworth McGowan can help you make the right decisions. It starts with selecting the right type of corporate entity. Our years of experience can help you decide whether you should form a corporation, partnership or limited liability company or operate as a sole proprietorship. The right choice depends on your business, personal, tax and other key considerations.

Business owners have many options for maintaining their accounting records in this new age of technology. Whether it's Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online, Wave, Xero, your own proprietary accounting software, or any other software, we can work with you to make the best of that software. We can help you decide what software best fits your business so you can extract the necessary data to run an efficient and profitable business.

If you would like to discuss how we can provide business accounting services for you, please contact us at (215) 646-2600.